Features you should consider before you buy Cooktop

Features you should consider before you buy Cooktop

The cooktop is one of the most useful kitchen appliances that offer an ultimate option of design flexibility. You can now get any make you wish, including an electric cooktop, energy effective induction cooktop, and an expert-style gas cooktop. Additionally, cooktops at The Good Guys are also available for those want the durable and dependable product. Especially when you consider your space constraints, cooking enhancement options and cooking needs will guide you in selecting the ideal kitchen cooktop at a reasonable cost. Here are features that will guide you when shopping for a cooktop:

Choose electric or Gas cooktop

Gas cooktops are used as the favorite appliance for expert chefs. But due to technological advancement, we now have advanced induction heating and smooth-top surface electric cooktops. The possibilities are that electric and gas cooktops’ choice depends on hook-ups’ availability unless you intend to have an overall kitchen makeover. Gas cooktops still provide the fastest reaction time, and most cooks prefer the heat levels through the visible flame.

Electric cooktops, on the other, have a slower response reputation; however, technology advancement has almost balanced them with gas cooktops. Electric cooktops are known to be extra consistent with low temperatures. Thus, it makes them ideal for dedicated sauces and long simmers. Smooth tops are the most popular cooktop that produces heat through the radiant features below the flat. It is also designed with a surface made of ceramic glass, which is considerably easy to clean.

Ventilation and size

Cooktops provide cook flexibility, especially when it concerns kitchen design since they are installed any spot in the kitchen. However, you will have to determine the exact size that can perfectly suit your cooking requirements. Many cooktops are designed 30 inches wide that provide four burners. Other comes with 36 inches long and five burners. Professional-style and high-end cooktops measure 48 inches wide.

Design and features of the cooktop

Most homeowners or cookers prefer a conventional cooktop with four burners. But though they are sensitive to creativity in their kitchen, some features available on the high-end cooktop are worth investing in. Some features of cooktops include 18,000 BTU power burners of 3500 watts and high techniques such as stir-frying. Lowe power burner prevents fragile sauces from boiling. They are designed with dual elements on the electric cooktops and different-sized elements.


If your primary priority is east clean-up, then you should go for a smooth-top electric top, unlike the traditional coiled burner that allows spills to mess up the elements, ceramic-glass, flat surface. But with a smooth-top design, you can clean your cooktop easily. Cooktops at The Good Guys also offer the best product money can buy. Visit their official website for more information or any of your nearest local stores.