How to take the best care of your area rug?

How to take the best care of your area rug?

  24 Oct 2020

The area rugs provide a perfect solution for protecting your floor, providing a lovely décor to the house, and offering coziness. They can prove very useful and are very pretty as well. But it is equally important to take care of the rugs and get them cleaned, just like the full room carpets. You can hire the Keller carpet cleaning services to get your area rug properly and professionally cleaned. However, if you want to do it yourself, you could take help from the tips listed here.

  1. Get it cleaned regularly: the best solution for the area rug cleaning is to clean it regularly to get rid of the allergens and bacteria staying in the rug. A clean rug would mean that the indoor air quality is better too.
  2. Spot clean: clean the stains and spots as soon as there is some spill or some stain. For this, you could make use of the baking soda and vinegar solution and rinse off the stains immediately.
  3. Rotate the rug: no matter how heavy or light the foot traffic on the rug is, you should rotate quarterly to eliminate the thread bared areas and wear tear.
  4. Vacuum weekly: regular using the vacuum for cleaning the rugs is very helpful in providing durability and longevity to the area rugs. It also helps in reducing the allergens and bacteria along with the dirt and dust from the rug.
  5. Keep heavy furniture away from the rug: a rug can easily get affected by heavy furniture placement on it. The heavy furniture could bring dents in the rug, or it could even destroy the rug completely. So it is best not to put heavy furniture on it. And if you really want to put the furniture on the rug, make use of the coasters that help distribute weight equally.
  6. Get a rug pad: a rug pad is an amazing solution to keeping your rug safe and protected. Search for the rug pads in matching colors for your rug and use them. They prevent you from slipping when you step on the rug in haste and since they help have no direct contact with the floor, they are best suited for enhancing the life of the rugs.

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