How To Judge Carpet For Quality And Durability

How To Judge Carpet For Quality And Durability

Could you tell the difference between a carpet made from high quality materials, manufactured for long-lasting endurance against years of abuse and another that wasn’t constructed from the best materials or built to last by merely examining them side by side?

Probably not. At least not yet. But after you give this article a read, you’ll be choosing carpet like you’ve been doing it all your life. There are a multitude of factors which you need to consider to help you recognize the overall quality of the carpet and these aspects must be carefully explored each and every time you decide to put high quality floor covering in your home.

Let’s face it, carpets are not cheap and they require expert craftsmanship to install properly in any room of the house. Next to realizing that you simply don’t care for the aesthetic of the carpet, the last thing you want is to realize the carpet you chose is cheap and poorly made. We all like to save a few bucks where we can, but when it comes to putting in the right carpet, this is not the time to compromise or cut corners.

But now you can choose your carpet confidently and know which one to purchase after you do a little research, of course. Here are the aspects you want to examine closely before you buy:

Carpet Style

When you are seeking out a high performance carpet that offers dependability and resilience, the style of carpet you select can play a major role in bringing all of those things to the floors of your home. But style refers to a number of factors, all of which have some influence in the final product.

You’ve probably heard of most of them before – plush, Saxony, shag, and twist. Just a few that are on the market and each offers the consumer certain specific qualities that can beautify the home and make it more comfortable.

In addition to the aforementioned styles, you also need to look at the loop of the fibers and the pile, each of those is different depending on the type of carpet you select and they can have a tremendous impact on the other factors that you will need to consider as you determine the quality and durability.

Carpet Density

As you might have guessed from the name, density of your carpet refers to the spacing of the fibers that have been stitched into the backing. Here is where your durability factors in as carpets with a higher density value offer greater levels of durability and resistance to foot traffic and other daily impacts.

It’s possible for similar types of carpet in terms of fiber, style, or pile to have different densities. So be advised that just because you’re purchasing a certain type of carpet doesn’t always necessarily mean your getting the most durable option out there.

Face Weight

You’ve got density which can tell you a whole lot about the durability of your carpet and you also have face weight which plays a role by determining the weight of the pile.

But be warned, while this facet is measured in ounces and helps to provide you with some additional information about weight of your carpet, it is not a reliable barometer of durability. Of course, that’s what the marketing departments of many carpet manufacturers might have you believe, but you’re a savvy, educated consumer so you know better. Face weight, just the sound of it makes you think your carpet is a formidable force of nature, does not help you decide if your carpet is durable. That’s due mainly to the fact that there are a number of combined variables that might impact the weight of your carpet.

The Warranty

Some consumers are not aware of this but more carpeting companies are providing customers with warranties to help cover their products in the event of defect or other perils that are fully explained in the documentation. These warranties work much like the one you may have on your automobile and that means you need to be sure you follow the language and instructions within so you don’t void the agreement.

You know you’re getting a high-quality and durable carpet when your warranty offers to cover a variety of aspects to ensure it remains in top condition. That also means you need to be sure to have it cleaned every 12-24 months and if you don’t, you could end up voiding the warranty. So when it’s time to give you carpet some tender loving care, call Kirkland’s carpet cleaning experts and we’ll take care of all the rooms where you have carpeting installed.