Tips on Converting your Attic Space

Tips on Converting your Attic Space

Your attic space is not just for storage. You can convert it to become a beautiful room which can add charm to your house. You can also reduce clutter and increase space inside your house. It can be the new room of your eldest daughter or your new private space whenever you need a room. Read more about attics here.

If you are looking for a place to start, begin by removing the possible clutter on your attic area. There are a lot of conversion ideas and interior design that can suit your budget. You also need to consider the energy efficiency of the new loft when you want to convert it.

Here are some tips that can help you smoothly transition your attic from a storage space to a budget-friendly comfortable room.

  1. Measure Loft Space

The ideal attic space should be about 2 to 3 meters. The slant of the room should be taken into consideration. Ensure that the person who will be taking residence inside the loft will be comfortable standing or sitting. You can lower the ceiling below or add space above to make the room more comfortable.

  1. Consider the Design

If you have a small attic space, you can install a couple of small rooms in order for it to feel cozy. Lighter colors are ideal for small spaces. You might also want to paint your room white. This makes the room looks like it offers more space. But ensure that there are other shades of color such as lavender or mint green so that the whole room will not feel too clinical. Consider wooden colors if you want a classic feel and for the room to feel welcoming.

  1. Get the Layout Right the First Time

When you are planning to convert your attic, you need to consider the furniture that comes with it. Ensure that the room will not be too crowded. Consider the space of the ceiling and do not compromise any headroom to avoid accidents. The stair location should have plenty of space so that there can be no obstruction when someone comes and goes into the room. If the room is going to be used as a spare, minimize the furniture. You can add a bed, a table and a chest of drawers that suit your taste.

Making the layout of your attic may involve an architect. They can draw and make specifications so that everything will have a smoother transition. There might also a need to hire electricians and plumbers if you want your loft space to have electricity and water supply. You also have the option to hire a contractor that will do all the work for you. You can agree to the design, terms and the prices before the attic conversion project starts.

  1. Benefit from the Daylight

Most attics are built with daylight so that natural light will penetrate it throughout the day. The way your windows are placed can have a great impact when you do room renovation. Generally, a good rule includes 20% glazed in the roof area if you want to maximize the natural lighting.

The shape of the roof will also dictate the kinds of windows you want to add. For rooms that are shallow and long, you can install evenly-spaced windows. For deeper and narrower ones, you might want to install a single large window for daylight.

  1. Your Loft Can Serve as Extra Bath or Bedroom

If you want to have extra guest rooms, then the loft can be a perfect place for your friends and families. Loft conversions are great ideas to add proportion to the whole house. A lot of people even consider making theater rooms and home offices to their attics because it offers great views. You can take advantage of your loft if you find yourself searching for an extra room where you can be alone.

Converting your attic room is worth it. Maximize the space inside your house and get a comfortable place for yourself. A converted loft has a lot of uses. You may never know when you can use the extra convenience. Start planning today.