Best Material for Exterior doors and other accents

Best Material for Exterior doors and other accents

You are possibly aware of this fact that your exterior door is the major feature of your house. It casts the first impression and sets the standard for your house, hence choosing a replacement exterior door will need thorough research and some thoughtful considerations.

In order to get the best fit, you should match your front door with the architectural style of your house and blend it with your personal preference. You will also need a door which renders safety from break-ins, security from temperature changes and life-long service.

Here are some of the material options which you can choose for your exterior doors –

There are pros and cons of any material you choose. Steel has been in demand for quite some time now and is well-tested. Though fiberglass is a comparatively new material, it is quite long-lasting and energy-efficient. Of course, wood enjoys great popularity because of its elegant look and resistance to depreciation. Here are some of the pros and cons of different materials:

Fiberglass doors: They are long-lasting, dent-resistant, sturdy, energy-efficient, affordable and best of all needs minimal maintenance. They can withstand the extreme winters of Canada and even mimic the appearance of wood. You can find options for you in smooth surface and wood grain texture. You can either stain or paint them to blend with the architectural style of your house.

It only has one con to its list that is under severe impact, fiberglass can crack.

Steel doors: They offer top-notch safety and are known for their durability. They are structurally sound and come with a strong frame. Decked with foam insulation, these doors offer great insulating value and never warp or crack. Steel doors may be available in smooth or embossed patterns and come coated with a baked-on polyester finish.

The con of these doors are that they can easily be rented and can rust if not repaired.

Wood doors: They render an appealing and stylish look to your house so much so that the other materials try to imitate. They are wear-proof, dent-proof and the small scratches can easily be repaired. A wood door with a heavy frame offers great strength in comparison to other materials.

The only con of wood doors is that it is costlier than fiberglass and steel and needs a fair amount of maintenance.

Vinyl doors: Vinyl is used for doors because it is cost-effective, energy-efficient and requires little upkeep. You have amazing color and style options available. These doors are resistant to the elements and they don’t peel, flake, rot or corrode.

The only con related to these doors is that they may crack under extreme temperature conditions.

Other than the material, the other things which you need to pay attention to when choosing exterior doors is the lock system, type of warranty offered and the decorative glass you are going to use. The right combination of all these things will help you in finalizing the best door for your home. Window Mart is your one-stop solution to order the best exterior doors for your house. Check out the collection and place your order now.

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