How To Protect The Windows And Doors In Your Home From Burglars

How To Protect The Windows And Doors In Your Home From Burglars

The windows and doors are the most vulnerable points of entry in your home, so it just makes sense to ensure that you take every precaution in order to protect your family and your personal property.

So how do you do that? What are some of the best methods for shoring up the safety of your home from intruders who might be casing the neighborhood. The windows are their first target because the glass can be broken, the doors are their next option because some of them have glass panes within or the latches are weak and easy to bust in.

Sometimes the windows or doors are easy to enter because the homeowners just forget to lock them. With so many concerns focused on these regions of the home, the time is now to start thinking about securing these potential entry points.

These are the things to keep in mind to improve your home’s security with Door Furniture UK. Keep the burglars and thieves at bay, disrupt their plans before they even show up. Consider some of these useful tips for improving the safety of your home.

Reinforced Glass

When the time comes to choose new windows, many homeowners will consider installing custom replacement windows that have been manufactured with reinforced glass which is highly resistant to impacts of any kind. Impenetrable glass panes can stand up to the abuse from just about anything that comes at it, from a rock to a hammer to you name it.

But there are other options for those homeowners who don’t want to go about replacing their windows entirely just to increase security. These alternatives include placing a protective film over the glass so that it remains intact even after it breaks. This is a much cheaper option for fortifying your window glass but it’s very effective. The film can’t be cut or torn so once the window is shattered, the film won’t budge, forming a protective barrier that can’t be penetrated.

If you go with a protective film, you’ll find there are tinted versions that can obscure the inside and keep any unwelcome visitors from seeing into the house. This dual deterrent not only keeps the burglars from getting in, but it also discourages them from even trying since they won’t be able to find out what you have in there worth stealing.

Reinforced Screens

Many homeowners who decide to go with reinforced glass of some kind may also install screens that bring the same type of security. Much like with the protective film or reinforced glass, the screen can be cut, stabbed, pierced and it still won’t give way. They’ve been designed and manufactured to be impenetrable, keeping the bad guys out and you and your family safe and sound inside.

Bars and Rails

The old standby. Metal bars and rails over the windows along the exterior of the home have been in use for years. They come with distinct advantages and drawbacks, the former being that intruders see those and they know they’re pretty much already beat. They move on to the next house.

The drawback is that they’re ugly. A home with bars along the windows can be a bit of an eyesore and living inside can feel like being cooped up in a cage. There are other, better, alternatives, some of which we’ve already discussed. However, nothing is more important than the safety of you and your loved ones so if bars and railings are all that you can afford, then by all means, you put them up to feel comfortable at night.

Clever Landscaping

The doors and windows of your home can be accessed easily enough if a burglar really wants to get in. So it’s a smart idea to throw as many obstacles and deterrents in front of him before they even set foot on your property.

So while fortified glass and security screens are highly effective at thwarting the bad guys, you should always consider how to use landscaping to your advantage. We’re talking about bushes, shrubs, plants, trees, anything that can make it more difficult to even approach these areas of the home.

Consider planting greenery that comes equipped with sharp thorns and thick branches so that burglar will get an abundance of scrapes and punctures as they try to maneuver close to your back door or first floor window. While a determined thief may have designs on breaking in, they may stop and think if it’s really worth being all torn up in the process.

Just be sure you’re not giving an intruder unfettered access by planting a tree beneath a second floor window, one they might use to climb up and enter upstairs. So be smart when you plan your landscaping design.


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