Four Ways To Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Four Ways To Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Homeowners are responsible for a lot of things, not the least of which is maintaining a comfortable home for yourself and your family. These comforts can come at a price, but making a few changes in your house can help mitigate the costs and even save you money over time. Making a transition to a more environmentally-friendly home can also help you feel good about the changes.

Upgrade Your Air Conditioning and Heating Units

A new Riverview FL heating and cooling system can not only keep you more comfortable in your home, but could even be a great way to save you money in the long run. A more efficient system saves energy and may even have new safety features to give you extra peace of mind. Regular maintenance and timely repairs are additional ways to make sure your air conditioning and heater stay in good condition.

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Replace Leaky Windows

Windows that are poorly installed, old or don’t have good weatherstripping can leak the hot or cold air you are trying to keep inside. Replacing aging, single-paned windows in particular can make a significant dent in your utility bills.

Get Rid of Inefficient Appliances

Appliances that are outdated can often use a lot more energy than newer, more efficient versions. Water heaters, washers, dryers, stoves and dishwashers are important, desirable features in a home, so purchasing replacements might even help increase the value of your home. Looking for the Energy Star sticker and rating when you purchase new appliances is just one way to make sure you are upgrading to an efficient model.

Try More Efficient Light bulbs

Traditional light bulbs might be cheaper to purchase initially, but they use more electricity to produce the same amount of light as energy-saving versions. Compact fluorescent lamps are designed to last for around 10,000 hours, which is ten times longer than the incandescent bulbs while using less than a third of the wattage to produce the same amount of light. Replacing light bulbs in your home, as well as turning off lights when not in use, can be a great way to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Making your home more environmentally friendly by using energy more efficiently is not only good for Mother Nature and the air we breathe, but can also be good for your bottom line. Even better–you can save money without sacrificing any of the modern comforts of your home.


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