Installing Steam Showers: An Overview

Installing Steam Showers: An Overview

Have you ever considered improving your home’s bathroom? Why not by introducinga steam shower? Don’t know what to prepare for in moving the unit in your house? Steam showers can be a refreshing addition to your bathroom in adding that mix of innovation and convenience that you can experience in your own home. If you’re thinking of buying one for your home, here are a few facts for you to remember about owning a steam shower.

How a steam shower works

A steam shower uses heating coils to heat water to boiling point. Steam comes from the boiling water which can be moderated by a control panel that regulates the intensity and duration of the steam released through its shower head.

If you’re planning to install one in your home, you have to take note of the right surfaces and conditions for having a steam unit. In your bathroom area, you have to ensure that your walls do not have any drywall or exposed plaster which can be reached by the steam. Your shower doors must be installed to seal in the steam so that it will not escape into your house which could make for a messy situation. To avoid escaping steam, scan your bathroom area and plug up any holes with a grout sealer.

From luxurious to accessible

The steam shower used to be a thing of luxury. Now, steam showers are a regularoccurrence to find in the comfort of your own home with a relatively accessible price to boot. Steam showers installed in spas and local gyms provide a much-needed luxurious experience of detoxing the stress you deal with after a long day. With the development of commercial showers, you no longer must go out to treat yourself.

The difference from normal showers

Steam showers have their very own steam generator compared to an ordinary shower that makes use of a water heater at most. More advanced generators make use of maximum efficiency to prevent loss of steam through leaks and openings in the shower head itself. Other units also make use of internal lighting which allows for a more relaxing experience while bathing. Steam showers are not only cost-efficient but energy efficient as well.

Health benefits

A steam shower isn’t just for the luxury of enjoying a unique bathing experience in your own home. Steam showers allow people with respiratory concerns to regulate their body’s air passages better which also stimulates the body’s lymphatic system. Not only does your blood flow circulate better, but you’re also granted a better rate of metabolism all while merely taking a shower.

Differing types

A steam shower enclosure comes in different kinds. Depending on how much space your bathroom has, you can opt to have a single or double size steam shower enclosure. Both sizes vary in surface area dimensions and allow you to customise it for the benefit of home installation. These enclosures make use of different shapes and entrances to adapt to your home’s general layout, ranging from sliding doors to folding doors, and more.


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