Why Is Your AC Constantly Running?

Why Is Your AC Constantly Running?

If you have a central AC system, you can enjoy the pleasures of a constant, refreshing breeze of cool air during the summer months. But your central system has a few tricks up its sleeve for keeping things cool under pressure. If you’ve ever struggled to keep your home warm in the winter with the best heating service midlothian and cool in the summer with a pristine new AC, you already know that these machines need to work hard to produce results. Still, they shouldn’t ever be working overtime, unless you want to end up saddled with a gigantic energy bill. So why is your AC running all the time, and is it normal? Here are a few things you should know.

It’s Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

While you might assume that an air conditioning unit that’s constantly running is cause for alarm, the reality of the situation might surprise you. When the heat is high and dense outside, your AC has to work hard to keep your home cool. If you have central air, it has to work even harder to keep the temperature regulated inside. To minimize the work your unit has to do, you can keep your windows closed and well-sealed to prevent air leaks. The more leaks you have in your home, the harder your AC has to work. If your unit is running at a steady pace through the day, it’s probably just working to keep things at an even temperature. However, if your house is especially draft, you might want to think about sealing up your windows to help your AC perform better.

Humidity Matters

Sometimes, when your AC is running all day, it’s simply trying to combat the heat and moisture in the air and bring things down to a dry, crisp temperature. In places that are especially humid, such as Florida and the deep South, your AC unit doesn’t just help bring the temperature down. It actually functions as a built-in dehumidifier to keep your home not just cool, but light and breezy. This means that your AC might be running more than usual. This isn’t a case for panic: All it means is that the moisture content in the air is high, and rather than having to use a separate machine to dehumidify your space, your AC is taking the hit.

Cycling On and Off Can Use Up Energy

While an AC that runs all day doesn’t seem at all energy efficient, it can actually be an energy-conserving method. The act of cycling on and off, for high-powered machines like central air units, can actually cost a lot of energy through the day. If you’re keeping your machine on from morning to night, having your air on at a low level through the day can actually help keep the temperature down and prevent your machine from getting overworked and overheated.

When To Worry

Sometimes, your AC is just doing its job. However, if it’s running all the time and you’re not feeling even a slight temperature drop, you need to get your unit checked out ASAP.

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