Find The Perfect Handyman For Your Next Project

Find The Perfect Handyman For Your Next Project

Homeowners who don’t have the skills for even the smallest of home improvement projects will probably need to find a good handyman to help out from time to time. But, like anything else that requires money changing hands, you need to do your research ahead of time. You certainly don’t want to bring in just anyone off the street, you want to be sure that the individual you hire has the qualifications and skills necessary to get the job done right.

There is help out there, you can call up any one of the Handyman companies in chesterfield va, and they can put you in touch with the right individual to do the work you need performed. But even though those companies have a set of criteria that each of their workers must meet before they can start to work, you still want to be able to know what delineates a good handyman from the bad.

So whether you’re looking to hire someone on your own or you turn to a professional service, the following are some of the most important considerations to finding the perfect handyman for your next project:


Always get a quote first. Above all, get a free quote. Any handyman worth his or her rate will not charge you to come out to your home in order to assess the project. Those who do are probably trying to get as much money out of you as they can because their work is likely less than exemplary.

So while a quote is important, you do not want to pay for one. Move on to the next candidate immediately.


You’re going to have a lot of questions to ask your potential candidates, the first of which should refer to any certifications they may or may not hold. Not all handymen are certified but that’s not always a deal-breaker.

But if the one you’re interviewing does have some kind of certification, particularly with an organization such as the ACHP or Association of Certified Handyman Professionals, you can rest assured that the candidate you’re considering hiring has the qualifications necessary to do the work professionally and thoroughly.

Insurance Policies

This is absolutely essential because if your handyman does not carry some kind of basic coverage, you could be the one paying for any mistakes, accidents, or injuries that might take place while your handyman is performing the work. You must ensure that the individual you’ve decided to hire has insurance and can show you valid certificates on demand.

If there’s a slip and fall situation or the handyman inadvertently damages your property in any capacity, then you know you’re fully covered and the costs will be paid out by someone other than you.

Strong Communication

Before any work is performed, your handyman should explain everything that he or she is planning to do throughout the duration of the job. Good communication is essential to prevent any errors or misunderstandings that arise between parties, especially on bigger more complex jobs. Sometimes these issues can become blown out of proportion when both parties don’t have an open line of communication.

So try to ascertain how forthcoming your potential candidates can be during the interview and that will help you make your choice a little easier. When your candidate arrives to give you a quote, he or she should be able to give you an overall time-frame as to how long the job might take and what will be required in terms of parts and labor.

But don’t always rely on that initial assessment, be sure your handyman continues to update you as to the status of the project and whether or not they are still on track to meet the projected time-frame for completion.

Signed Agreement

Before any work is started, you must always obtain a signed contract that outlines everything related to the job being performed. This can include details pertaining to the work that the handyman is expected to complete, compensation, and other stipulations or restrictions that need to be met or complied with.

This type of document needs to be thorough so don’t forget to include every detail related to the project. You can find a template online or draw one up yourself. Be sure it’s fully understood, agreed to, and signed by both parties so there is no confusion as to the parameters of the employment later on. Having a signed agreement is an additional layer of protection that you can rely on to protect yourself and your home.


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