Gazebos for Parks, Homes and Public Places

Gazebos for Parks, Homes and Public Places

Gazebos are small structures that provide people with shade, a place to rest and luxury. The gazebo has a simple construct, but it provides elegance. The space that is covered by a gazebo is usually a relaxing place for people to sit and soak up the environment. Gazebos are elegant structures that add sophistication and style to any park, home or public place.

What is gazebo? 

Gazebos are unique looking structures that is simply a pavilion. This style of building serves the purpose of pleasure. Wikipedia explains that gazebos have an octagonal or turret shape. The sides of a gazebo usually have rails, or they are left wide open. This style of structure can be large enough to hold a hundred people, but most gazebos have a smaller size. They typically can hold between 6 to 10 people depending on their dimensions. Wikipedia also states that these mini-structures can be free standing or attached to a garden wall.

Types of Gazebos

There are different kinds of gazebos in use today. Each style has its own unique look and function. The pavilion gazebo is a traditional structure type. Home Stratosphere explains that when most people think about a gazebo they usually think about this variety. The Victorian gazebo is reminiscent of the Victorian styled homes and buildings that were built during the 1800s to early 1900s. The pergola gazebo doesn’t have a floor and it has colonnades that support a series of rafters. In other words, this unit has a square shape with open beams at the top. The rotunda is a gazebo with a roof that is shaped like a dome.

Place where Gazebos are Located

Gazebos are primarily located in public places. They are usually located within natural settings within parks. Park officials might decide to erect them near a public garden or place them at a strategic location for families to gather. Gazebos are also placed along pathways or walkways in some park areas. Other public places such as fair grounds, festivals or golf courses might have a gazebo set up on the grounds. Gazebos are also placed near lakes or pools of water.

A few residential homeowners will place them in their backyard or sometimes the front of their homes. Gazebos are used by some homeowners, but they are not that common in residential homes across America. Still, some homeowners will set them up in their backyard near their gardens if they have a space. Homeowners that do use a gazebo will usually install a smaller unit that can hold up to 6 people. Gazebos in PA are even made this way.

Uses for Gazebos

Gazebos allow people to sit outside to enjoy the great outdoors. Since they have a covering people can usually sit under them when it rains. Some individuals also add luxurious outdoor furniture to their gazebo units. Other people place fire pits in the middle of their gazebos. A few people even install televisions, radio units and other types of home electronic or appliances in their units. However, many gazebos have simple benches where people can sit down to relax. Ultimately, the gazebo provides people with a great place to enjoy the outdoors in a comfortable setting.

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