5 Practical Tips to Make Your Home More Spacious

5 Practical Tips to Make Your Home More Spacious

As we approach the new normal brought about by the pandemic, more and more people are working and staying at home. Along with extended homestays comes the added concern of finding more space for things. Perhaps you’re planning to create a small office space, or the perfect spot for kids to study. Either way, a more spacious home is the best solution to better comfort, and to beat the effects of cabin fever.

In this article, we will discuss some decoration and renovation tips to help your home appear and feel more spacious. Whether it’s your room, living room, or another area dedicated to work or study, these recommendations will surely help.

Invest in space-saving storage

If you have the means and the time, the best way to make any home more spacious is to install smart storage. Fitted closets, like those from www.myfittedbedroom.com, make the best use of available space, especially in smaller rooms. You can customise the size, style, and material to fit your needs.

Another option is to buy furniture with built-in storage. Coffee tables and ottomans that double as storage are an excellent addition to any space. You can use them for keeping books, magazines, game consoles, DVDs, and other clutter.

Get rid of clutter

One of the most cost-effective ways to make a space look bigger is to remove clutter and other unused things. You need some time to assess every room in your home to take stock of everything you can remove. Old clothes and furniture can be donated, while old newspapers and magazines can be sent to a recycling centre. You may also want to look at furniture that takes up a lot of space. For example, if there are extra tables and desks, remove those that are only used to store clutter.

Look for piles of things on floors and against the wall

Space shrinks significantly as you take up more floor space in your home. You may not be aware of it, but there could be a pile of unused things lying somewhere. Also, setting furniture against the wall doesn’t make a space look roomy. Instead, you may want to allow some space between the walls and the furniture to make the place look roomier.

Add mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent interior design element. By reflecting light, they make a room look bigger. You can have mirrored closet doors installed in the bedroom, or put a large mirror in your living room to create an illusion of more space.

Decorate with purpose

Every piece of décor you put in your home should be deliberate. Instead of scattering pieces around, choose furniture and accessories that are functional and also create a dissertation statement. Ask yourself if you still need the item and consider removing it if it’s only going to add to the clutter. If you’re thinking about buying new furniture, look for pieces that are lower to the ground. The more space you have above, the airier and roomier your home will look.

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