Mudrooms That Work to Keep Clutter at Bay

Mudrooms That Work to Keep Clutter at Bay

Mudroom cabinets are a great way to organize the family’s only entry point. Although we call it a “mudroom”, we really don’t want one. We want an anti mudroom to keep dirt and clutter away from the house’s exterior. Although mudroom cabinets will not stop muddy paws from crossing the threshold or soaking wet footwear, they can help keep clutter away by providing a safe place for coats, leashes, backpacks, and other paraphernalia to be stored with family members.

It is easy to be inspired by neat-looking mudrooms. But let’s face the truth: The adorable mudrooms you see on Pinterest with their color-coordinated coats or clean rubber boots? They are fake. They are not real.

I have found that the mudroom is rarely kept clean. We have never had color-coordinated rubber shoes! No matter how many rubber boots you wear or how careful you are with your shoes, dirt will end up in your mudroom. The clutter becomes unattractive. As shown in the Pinterest photos, clean clutter can still be cute. Real mudrooms aren’t filled with clean, coordinated clutter. They just have clutter.

Mudroom cabinets can be the answer. While you won’t be able to keep dirt out of your home, you can reduce clutter and keep the space tidy. They are also versatile. Built-ins can be used to create mudroom cabinets that provide a space to store shoes and gloves as well as a place for you to sit while putting on or taking off shoes. Mudroom cabinets are available in locker-style, semi-custom cabinets. They can store coats by having hooks inside, but also have places for boots, shoes and umbrellas down below. There is also shelving to hold hats and other items up high. You can make your mudroom cabinets whatever you want them to be.

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