Different Sorts Of House Rugs For Your Home

Different Sorts Of House Rugs For Your Home

Is your floor a bit too cold for your feet?  Or is it a bit slippery?  Well, you need to get a rug or carpet for that. So much so, while you are in search to get the perfect fit, you must realize that there are very many types of carpets and rugs, and each has a specific purpose and setting. Regardless, below are several of the most wanted types categorized by fiber type with a descriptive explanation of where they best fit in your home.

Nylon rugs

Nylon rugs are the most popular types of carpets used in the home, and that is because they are the most durable kinds found in the market. They are resistant to water damage but can wear out fast when exposed to heat and sunlight. Thus, they do look splendid as doormats and rugs places at entrances of homes, and with an anti-slip bottom, they can be used in the kitchen or bathroom. However, you should go for dark colors of these nylon rugs since they stain quite often and can deem challenging to clean.

Olefin rugs

These kinds are more sophisticated and better-looking pieces that are resistant to a couple of factors. These are moisture, mold, mildew thus is the perfect fit for places such as the laundry room, the basement, and the outdoors. They are more durable than nylon since they are more rigid, but walking on them can be somewhat uncomfortable.

Wool rugs

Wool rugs are one of the premier pieces of mats used in homes and can be used as floor coverings to living rooms and playrooms for kids. They are more stain-resistant such that even in the event of spillages, they can be cleaned just as quickly. They are comfortable to walk on and can be made into different colors and designs.

Fur rugs

These are the grandest types of rugs that are also used for home floor covering. They are incredibly soft and comfortable to walk on and are desired by people who like walking bare feet in their homes. But they have one downside- they get dirty pretty fast. The protruding fur is susceptible to dust and other particles like food which may stick and deem challenging to remove. For such reasons, most people prefer small pieces like a bedside mat, which does not get into contact with food or dust as often as a living room carpet would. They also have a short life-span since the fur might rest flat after being trampled on day in day out.


The four assortments of rugs mentioned above sure coverers every area in your house hold that may need covering. Nylon can be used for the doorstep, Olefin for the basement and laundry room, wool for the living room, and fur for the bedroom. Each has its pros and cons, which you need to consider to ensure that they do last you the longest in top shape. That said, now you have all you need, so go forth and purchase whichever you require.

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