How To Live Large In A Small House

How To Live Large In A Small House

Owning a small home doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style and live in cramped conditions. With a touch of planning and a splash of creativity, size does not matter in styling a functional and enjoyable home.

Listed below are some creative small space tips for your home.

Use Light

While most people think to use bright color for walls and fixtures, fitting larger windows to let as much natural light in as possible will also aid in creating the illusion of spaciousness.

Natural light is a small home’s friend. Letting the most of it in can fill every corner of a room. If you can maximize your window to wall ratio the place will shine.

Use Color

Separate your space effectively by using different colors on your walls to differentiate between sections of your room. You can experiment a bit here, if you’re a fan of louder colors they can look great across one or two walls without taking over the entire room.

Different colored walls split your home without the need for dividers or curtains. You can continue by furnishing each corner with the same theme. Don’t go crazy though unless you want your home to look like a preschool.


If you’re downsizing or moving into your first place by yourself you might have a lot of belongings coming with you. Storage availability is at a premium in smaller properties.

A creative solution to keep your possessions without losing half your home to clutter is to invest in clever shelving options. Use floor to ceiling bookshelves for books, DVDs and any other homely items. Use shelves instead of cabinets in the kitchen to give yourself more space.

Make The Most Of Your Yard

If it’s a small home with a backyard you’re looking to make the best out of, get creative with your garden area.

Get a watertight shed for some extra storage, or build a porch to give you some space for guests and dinner parties. It will also give you somewhere different to spend your time on free days. If the climate is favorable in your area, a small shade tree can complement the house and give you a nice place to sit in the summer months.

Get Creative With Under Stair Space

Underneath your stairs is quite often wasted space. Depending on the layout of your room, you can turn that space into an office, fit a couch or make it one more place to fit shelves.

You can even use it as a way to tuck in larger pieces of furniture. Fit a bed in there, with room for above head closet or shelf space.

Different Dividers

Using dividers is a temptation to separate parts of your property, but they can have the opposite effect and make each new room appear tiny by blocking the rest of the house.

Instead, go with plants to separate your living space from your kitchen, and so on. Vegetation will also add some beauty and color to the place.

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