Features & Benefits Of Installing Smartwood Shutters

Features & Benefits Of Installing Smartwood Shutters

  12 Mar 2018

Wooden shutters have been used to cover windows from time immemorial and their popularity has still not waned in the modern days. Back then natural wood was the material of choice, but today the trend has changed and folks go for Smartwood shutters as window coverings. Smartwood shutters are the perfect alternative for real, natural timber shutters. Features of Smartwood Shutters Smartwood or plantation shutters are made from something called ‘Eco Wood’ or ‘Duratec’. Eco Wood is a synthetic, non-toxic material made from polymer foam. The material is lightweight yet strong and durable making it ideal for window. Duratec is also a synthetic product made by combining polymer foam and Western Red Cedar with similar features as Eco wood. Smartwood shutters are flame retardant and chemical resistant as well as waterproof. As such, they can be installed in any area of your home including wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Smartwood offer excellent sound insulation due to the material’s muffling properties. Benefits of installing Smartwood Shutters: With the above-mentioned features, it is no wonder that installing Smartwood shutters offers several benefits. Since the colours don’t fade over time, Smartwood will retain their attractiveness for a long period. You could think of them as a permanent replacement to your old window coverings. Being designed from waterproof materials, Smartwood shutters are an ideal window covering for areas prone to moisture like bathrooms and kitchens. Maintaining your becomes a simple affair – just wipe them clean and you have them looking brand new. Smartwood Shutters are dust and pollution resistant. The solid polymer based material does not allow dust to settle unlike drapes and curtains. Shutters do an excellent job of light and temperature control within your home. They prevent direct sunlight from entering the room, keeping it cool and comfortable. Similarly during winter, prevent loss of heat from the room while also preventing cold drafts. The solid material has a suppressing effect on the sounds entering the room. Smartwood provide first-rate sound insulation and privacy to your home. Louvre Shutters are very easy to operate, there are no strings attached to pose a hazard to your kids or pets. Installing Smartwood is a cost effective option since they are built to last. Smartwood are comparatively cheaper than some other types of window coverings. Also, you spend very little by way of maintenance. Installing Smartwood in your home is the smart choice. Visit http://blindsandshutters-kwikfynd.com.au for more information, ideas and videos for your home re-decoration. Ask for a quote or find a blinds and Louvre Sydney supplier in your local area through the website.

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