How Modern Interior Decoration Is Redefining the Closet Systems

How Modern Interior Decoration Is Redefining the Closet Systems

Closets are an important aspect of interior decoration and can be clumsy and suffocating without proper ventilation. But today, there are companies that make perfect closets that enable proper organization of clothes at affordable prices. They strive to manufacture closet systems that are beautiful and in alignment with the customer’s lifestyle which they claim have exceeded customers’ expectations to date.

The companies believe that beginning your day dealing with a perfectly made custom closet has a positive effect on emotional health and productivity which are essentials for going through the day. A perfectly arranged and organized closet relaxes the mind and increases the ability to focus on the day and not on a haphazardly arranged closet. These beautifully made closets are spacious enough to accommodate all of the inventory without looking like a stuffed cabinet of clothes. These companies focus on making mostly three types of in-demand closets which are as follows:

Walk-In Closets

Interior decoration is an important aspect of commercial as well as residential complexes. It is said that an organized closet is the first step to dressing well. These closets are designed using 3D AutoCAD software to curate a spacious closet that is durable and long-lasting. These closets come with 3D modeled cabinets with top-quality drawers and doors, carefully made shoe racks and various other features which can be further customized according to the desires of the customers. These companies ooze innovation and creative solutions for families and also gives the liberty to the customers for creating their own 3D image of their new walk-in closet.

Reach-In Closets

This category of custom-made closets come with an option of custom storage to make use of every possible space inside the closet. With a variety of features that include inserts, drawers, hanging rods according to height, shoe rack, rounded corner hanging areas, the companies ensures to use every inch of space without giving it a clumsy look. A closet being ordered is visualized in a 3D software and shown to the customer for any further modification which ensures that all the clothes and accessories in the gorgeous closets are visible and accessible.

Utility Closets

The custom-built utility closets make use of sturdy hardware and come with a variety of accessory options and finishing to choose from. The result is a stylish yet durable utility closet that dedicates space for apparel as well as other accessories. Some features include custom shoe racks, adjustable baskets and storage spaces which are movable and well within reach. All the features can be viewed in a 3D model before starting with the manufacturing and installation process.

So, the new companies make use of CAD software to 3D model the closets which can be easily modified to suit the customer’s needs. Unlike the traditional method of manual cutting and fitting, modern companies make use of robotic arms to perfect the dimensions present in the 3D model and the process is completed in the manufacturing unit before shipping it to the customer. After shipment, the pre-drilled structure is installed according to the exact specs of the model during purchase and all work is done in a single day which normally takes 1-2 weeks for traditional interior decoration companies.

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