Reasons You Shouldn’t Seal and Stain Your Own Wood

Reasons You Shouldn’t Seal and Stain Your Own Wood

If you plan on staining a piece of wood at home, you must do your research first. See what is necessary before you start and make sure you set aside the right amount of time to completely finish the job. You shouldn’t stain your own wood because you want to make sure your wood is finished properly, that the seal and stains are mixed properly, and the pre-application procedures are taken care of.

Finished Properly

Properly finished wood is natural and flat and will not peel flake or chip over time. Good products will ensure the seal will not crack. To make sure you apply the materials properly you should hire a professional. They will know what to look for and things to avoid making sure your wood is sealed correctly the first time.

Stain and Seal Mix

The more advanced stain and seal products prepared to do two jobs instead of perfecting one at a time. This makes the application a little more advanced and should probably be applied by a professional. Check with your wood company to see what colors they offer for your staining process. If you don’t understand the product you must speak with a representative to get a better understanding, or just have someone come out and do the job for you. Certain seal and stain products are capable of being mixed with water-based stains and sealers. They may not be compatible with any other sealers, so that is another thing to double check. Also, don’t mix colors with premixed colors. You will most likely ruin the color you are trying to get to. With projects involving wood stains, I go the safe route and pay for it to be done for me.

Pre-Application Procedures

Can you make sure your wood is clean enough before you apply a coat of anything? How will you know how smooth it’s supposed to be? These are questions you must ask when you get to the store to pick up your sealer. A clean surface is important to avoid compromising the durability of the seal job later. You must make sure you’re ready for follow the instructions exactly or you risk ruining the job. Don’t improvise on anything. Get a solid understanding before you begin. Maybe you can practice on a throw away piece of wood before you cover your deck in shame. If you can’t guarantee you’re going to do it perfectly but it must be you that does it, make sure you purchase the best products out there that as goof proof as possible.

Be careful when you get ready to seal and stain your wood. Whether it is furniture, a deck, or a gazebo outside, make sure you know how to complete the job before you risk ruining it. It is probably easier to hire a professional. A professional will guarantee that your wood is finished properly, stain and seal is mixed properly, and the pre-application procedures are completed properly.

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