Criteria for choosing safe airtight containers

Criteria for choosing safe airtight containers

Scale and form:

Glass containers have several distinct capacities on the market. You can chose the capacity from 400 to 600 ml if you just buy containers to store rice, soup to carry to the office or kindergarten, it is acceptable.

The containers with a capacity of 700 ml or more should be chosen if you want airtight containers to store beef, fish fillets,… in the refrigerator. For the same size, the square container would take less space than the circular one you can prefer square or rectangular container if you need to store more items in the refrigerator, it will be easier for you to organise.

If you choose a container that is small and simple to organise in the refrigerator to store vegetables and fruits, you can choose a rectangular one. You can use a circular one with a screw cap when choosing containers to store water, juice or liquids, so that several containers can be attached together.

Stainless steel food containers should not be chosen:

While stainless steel has a variety of benefits, such as lightweight adherence to low oil, this material can impact health after storing food for a long time.

Stainless steel is a commodity that is insecure. If stored for a long time, stainless steel is susceptible to oxidation, rusting and penetration into food especially with highly acidic foods such as sour, vinegar, lemon or fermentation substances.

You can store it for a while within a few hours if you use stainless steel containers, but it should not be kept for a long time, especially for fruit juices, sour soup and acidic foods.

Choose goods of apparent origin:

You prefer to buy items that have specific roots and logos by deciding to buy a food jar. In addition, since there are many harmful plastics, low quality glass, easily contaminated food, you will need to pay attention to the stuff.

In addition, it is proposed that transparent-origin containers, public ingredients and manufacturing technical details be used. For the best service, clients can only purchase airtight containers at trustworthy establishments.

If you consider food storage to be a must for healthy health, an important step is to find the right food jar. Choosing the correct type of food container often ensures that the nutritious content of the food will be maintained intact.

Remember that there are two more choices when purchasing a glass airtight container: toughened glass and heat-resistant glass.

Toughened glass food containers: high hardness, less breakage when colliding or falling from a height of less than 1 metre. It can be found both in the oven and in the freezer or microwave.

Glass food containers that are heat-resistant: can withstand high temperatures of up to 400 C, can be used in freezers and in ovens, microwaves.

Some types of glass will be able to switch quickly from cold to hot without breaking or cracking to prevent heat shock.

Glass, however, has some disadvantages, such as delicate, heavier than other materials, high cost, sharp shards of glass. So when buying a glass food jar, you should remember whether your home has children.

An airtight bag of plastic:

Plastic is a material which is simple, light and inexpensive to produce.

Plastic food containers have many benefits, such as ease of processing, more shapes, structures, colours, and smaller compartments within the container can be made.

In addition, the plastic is soft and durable, so mounts and caps can be made to cover food containers, especially when storing liquid foods.

It is possible to use certain PP plastic food containers for a limited period in the microwave (PP can tolerate temperatures of up to 165 ° C).

Notes when using containers for disposable food:

+ BPA contaminants may be found in certain forms of unspecified plastics: BPA is an ingredient used in plastic manufacturing. BPA can cause endocrine disruption, premature puberty, diminished sperm count, causing breast cancer and prostate cancer after entering the body.

Patients are vulnerable to heart disease, mental retardation, sex transition in young children when exposed to BPA in large doses….

Canada was the first country to consider BPA harmful in April 2008 and requested that the use of this drug be banned.

By June 2011, the EU had banned the manufacturing of baby plastic bottles manufactured from PC plastic due to BPA containment issues. Most BPA is present in No 7 (PC Plastic-Polyacarbonate) plastic.

Particularly when you store oil and grease, plastic airtight containers would be more difficult to clean than glass containers. The capacity of plastic to hold heat is less than that of glass.

Plastic is likely to decompose and infiltrate into food at high temperatures. So, experts warn plastic airtight containers not to store hot food or boiling water.

Do not want inexpensive airtight containers made from plastic.

This types of plastic containers have no specific roots, and you do not purchase them for use without labels.

At the bottom of the plastic airtight container and also under the lid, trustworthy plastic companies have confirmed that they do not contain BPA and plastic sign codes.

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