Tips to Hire a Piano Moving Company

Tips to Hire a Piano Moving Company

You don’t expect an inexperienced piano mover to provide top-notch services, and there are reasons not trust an unskilled crew with your antique piano. You can save a few bucks by taking such as risk, but the outcome can be detrimental. Nonetheless, a professional piano mover can help eliminate future regrets, as they know how to handle the emotions of their clients. Below are the reasons everyone needs to hire professional piano moving services newport beach ca.


Professional piano moving companies want to maintain their reputation and are always careful when handling your piano. Of course, no one wants to tarnish their corporate image either. A single negative review can be as detrimental as a thousand reviews.


The cost of shipping a piano only depends on its size, the difficulties associated with moving it, and the distance covered. Discuss the terms of the move and the cost before signing up for the services of a prospective piano moving company. You can either search for a piano moving company over the internet or give them a call. Also, take time to read their reviews and further research the ones that are ideal for your needs.

Quality Equipment

Professional piano movers use specific technique and specialized equipment to ensure the task ends well. In fact, most piano movers come with skids also knows as piano boards to ensure the safety of your antique piano during transit. Professional movers usually strap a keyboard to these skids and wrap it with blankets to minimize damages. After that, the crew loads these skids on dollies and move them towards the exit.

Weight Distribution

Professional piano movers use piano cases to distribute the weight of huge instruments evenly. Professional moving companies have highly trained employees who understand every moving detail and use the right equipment to achieve the best results. Conversely, an inexperienced piano mover may not have the skills and knowledge to handle every aspect, and that can increase the odds of an accident happening during transit, so there is no need to take the chance.

Special Care

Of course, everyone wants to hire a mover that can give their piano attention while moving it. Some parts of a keyboard are fragile and need to be handled with care, especially when the moving crew is navigating tricky hallways and staircases. A professional moving company will transport your piano with all the attention that it needs.


It is crucial to enlist the assistance of a professional moving company even if you’re shifting your piano to another room within the same building. It isn’t wise to delegate such a delicate task to a friend or relative. While a keyboard can be a precious thing to you, everyone needs the services of a professional mover to avoid damaging it. You also need to hire an experienced crew that has done a task like yours before. However, don’t just settle for a piano mover that you came across first; instead, take time to look for the most experienced one in the market.

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