Important Steps to Finding A Good Roofer

Important Steps to Finding A Good Roofer

Mother Nature can sometimes be an unforgiving woman. Anyone who owns a home knows this when a storm blows through and takes a bite out of their property. A huge part of this usually boils down to roof damage. Wind, rain, and hail can wreak havoc on a roof. So if you are a resident or a commercial business and you’ve suffered some damage a good roofer is probably a needed commodity right now. The problem is that storms being out repair chasers who will literally seek you out for work. They promise the moon but whether or not they are actually any good remains to be seen. In order to find quality work that will not hurt you worse than repairs, it is important to follow a few key steps.

Rate Roofers

Never just take a company’s word for it. If you are looking at a roofing company, odds are others are too. Any company in business more than a year has had a lot clientele. People close to you may have even used some in the past. This creates a wealth of knowledge that can be used to separate the wheat from the chaff. It is good idea to get first hand recommendation first. So if friend or family have had a positive experience, get references from them. The next step is the internet. The web can give you more than enough information to determine good from bad. Good roofers will have raving customers, bad roofers will have ranting customers. All it takes is a simple search. Putting in your specific need is a good idea as many roofers have specialties. So a roofer who specializes in roof hail damage Loveland CO  will grab you just what you need.

Get More Than One Quote

Comparing quotes is a great way to save some money. It gives you a nice idea of what the average cost is, reveals roofers that charge too much, and provides nice negotiation chips. Additionally, as quotes are born of estimates it allows you to actually meet the roofer personally. This can say a lot about their professionalism and if you will get along. If a roofer charges significantly more or less than the competition always find out why. A lower price is not always a signal to choose that contractor. Many times it can signify something bad.

Insurance and Licensing

Roofing work can be hazardous. Both roofers and property are at risk of damage should there be an accident. Last thing you want is to be held liable for the snafu. This is why making sure the roofer is licensing, bonded, and insured is a very important aspect of acquiring business. Proper insurance takes away your liability protecting you and your property. Also, it is additionally important for the roofer to have proper credentials allowing them to work in your area. If they do not this can also leave you liable. Even top level roofers sometimes have accidents. The big difference there is that they have what it takes to make up for it.